By The Music Inspired - Selected Poems

In The Pocket & The Request

In The Pocket 

There are those 
who dress themselves in so much glitz 
so much movement to their expression 
believe that they say so much 
that they have got that certain 
magic touch 


there are those who speak, 
so they say, 
words of the soul 
their language full of pizzazz 
all that jazz 
believing an impression 
has been made 

and then 

there are those 
who sit in the pocket, 
in the pocket 
in the pocket of their souls 
and speak volumes with their simplicity 
a language so beautiful 
so full of life 
in the pocket 
in the pocket of their souls 
they rocket the mind 
to heights of joy 
thoughts become notes 
the heart listens 
doesn’t just look, 
records the sensation 
the conversation 
that is truly being had 
they hear the lines 
and don’t have to read between 
oh yes 

and there are those 
who present themselves 
packaged so wonderfully 
who riff a thousand times 
and try to push themselves into your mind 
pounding on the door 
time after time 
with opulence supreme 
trying to create a picture 
conjure up a dream 
so it seems 
their musical verbality 
wasted in the air 


then there are those 
who sit in the pocket 
in the pocket 
in the pocket of their souls 
and silently speak above the din 
walking into your mind 
connecting the heart and soul 
communicating the melody 
that is created from the collaboration of these 
you hear the music 
pure as it was meant to be 
the glitter and the flash 
making you a part of the dance 
gently pulling you into the creators trance 
into the pocket 
the pocket 
the pocket of his soul 

which is the goal of the musician 
to have you dance 
dance in the pocket 
in the pocket of his soul 

Inspired by Oye Lo Que Te Conviene (Eddie Palmieri) 
as Played by Sergio Rivera’s Grupo Caribe 
Solo by Louis Bauzo - Bongó 
at Gonzalez y Gonzalez 
Manhattan, New York 

The Request 

Mr. Trumpet Man 
play a slow tune for me 
a slow 
bluesy tune 
that fills me full of memory 
that carries me back 
to yesterday 
when I was there 
and not here 

One song 
slow and deliberate 
let the piano cry 
softly in the background 
as I fly with you 
to that place once more 
where I used to be 
you know that corner 
in all our memories 
where we hide things 
store things 
and cover them up 
so that no one knows 
they are there 

Except for a moment 
like this 
when Mr. Trumpet Man 
you play that song 
that takes me there 
and I lift the sheets 
that covers 
that melancholic pile 
of bittersweet recollections 

Just for this moment play 
along Mr. Trombone Man 
help me to look underneath 

as Mr. Sax Man 
begins to blow and recall 
what it was like before 
something went wrong and Mr. Piano Man started to play 
tinkling in and out of my heart 
Mr. trumpet Man 
Play that song for me 
but end it soon 
and bring me back to today 
where I need to be! 

Inspired By Easy Living (Leo Robin - Ralph Rainger) 
as Played by Manny Duran Y Afro Bop 
solos by Manny Duran on Trumpet, Charles Owens on Tenor Sax 
Sam Burgess on Trombone, Jörg Kräckel on Piano 
Savoy Lounge 
Manhattan, New York 

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